Born 2 Dance Competiton Teams

Our school offers students the chance to perform in professional production shows, participate in competitions and perform at many local events. Students on the competiton teams have been hand picked by Danni for their hardwork, dedication and commitment to dance. This page shows the Competition teams journey throughout 2018! 


STARZ UK Midlands Feb 2018


Infant Competition Team - Trolls - 1st place! 

Junior Competition Team - Pink Panther 2nd place!

Senior Competition Team - Wildest Dreams 1st place!

Jessica Bonanno & Jessica Watson duet - Waka Waka 1st place!

Charlotte Read & Angel Haigh & Shanade Nevin- Elite trio- 1st place!

We also had Angel-mai Holben , Zoe Daly, Georgia Smith and Daisy Spokes all place with their solo's. Our first competition of the season and we managed to bring home 5 trophy's and 26 medals! Well done girls!! 

MOVE IT SHAKE IT Warwickshire April 2018


Infant Competition Team - Trolls - 1st place! 

Senior Competition Team  - Infectious 3rd place!

Jessica Bonanno & Jessica Watson duet - Waka Waka 1st place!

Zoe Daly Open Solo-Fever 1st place!

Jessica Watson Acro Solo- James Bond 2nd place!

Jessica Bonanno Acro Solo- Salute - 3rd place!

Baylie Tai Street Dance Solo-dimelo/tiptoe 1st place!

Georgia Smith Acro Solo- Rock Star 1st place!

Lexi-Rae Chambers Open Solo- Barbie Girl - 2nd place!

Georgia Smith and Angel-Mai Hoben- special judges recognition award!

What an amazing set of results, so proud!!


MACY'S MEMORY Corby April 2018


Senior Competition Team- Reet Petite Best Cosume Award!

Infant Competition Team - Trolls - Best Youth Group!

Amelia Ball, Demi Dargue & Olivia Alcock- 9-5 Trio Best Small Group Award!






Angel-Mai Holben solo- through to round 2

Georgia Smith solo- through to round 2

Georgia Smith and Angel-Mai Holben duet - through to the semi finals

Charlotte Read solo- 4th place!

Zoe Daly solo - 2nd place!

Baylie Tai solo- 1st place!

Baylie Tai and Daisy Spokes duet - 4th place!

Zoe Daly and Charlotte Read duet- 2nd place!

Shanade Nevin and Jessica Bonanno duet- 5th place!




Leicestershire Festival of Dance September 2018



Amelia ball 2nd place

Angel-Mai H 3rd place

Angel H 2nd place

Jess B 1st place

Chloe J 3rd place

Eleanor 3rd place

Shanade 2nd place



Jess & Jess 3rd place

Lexi & Isla H 1st place

Aliyah and Angel-Mai 3rd place

Shanade, angel and charlotte 2nd place

Zoe, Jess B and Jess W  2nd place



Infant competition team 1st place

Junior competition team 1st place

Senior compeition team 1st place

Senior competition team 2nd place







Born 2 Perform November 2018

This was our first time competitng at Born 2 Perform in Solihul and it was an amazing competition. We entered 7 routines and came home with 7 trophies! 5 out of our 7 routines were 1st place! 


Infant comp team - a whole new world 1st place

Infant comp team- dear future husband 1st place

Junior comp team- so what 2nd place

Junior comp team- I want u back 4th place

Senior comp team- infectious 1st place

senior comp team- panic room 1st place

Mixed acro group- 1st place







Starz UK 2019

This was our second time at Starz UK and this time we only entered group routines. We had a fantastic day with all 3 of our competiton teams qualifying for the grand finals later in the year.


Infant comp team

A whole new world 1st place

Commander 1st place


Junior comp team

When she loved me 2nd place


Senior comp team

Panic room 2nd place


Mixed groups

Rolling on a river 2nd place

Born 2 Perform Walsall May 2019

We travelled to Walsall to attend Born 2 Perfrom competition and what a great day we had! 


Infant comp team

Splish Splash Acro 1st place

Commander 1st place


Junior comp team

When she loved me 1st place lyrical

I am a good girl 1st place modern/jazz


Senior comp team

Welcome to Oz 1st place commercial

Black and gold modern/jazz 3rd place


Mixed groups

Junior and senior comp team

Autumn leaves 2nd place lyrical




Isla H 3rd place commercial



Imogen 1st place modern/jazz

Georgia 1st place modern/jazz

Lola 3rd place lyrical

Akira 1st place lyrical

Angel-mai 2nd place commercial

Chantell 1st place commercial

Aliyah 3rd place commercial



Jess W 2nd place contemporary

Angel 1st place modern/jazz

Baylie 3rd place street

Charlotte 2nd place street

Jess B 2nd place acro

Shanade 3rd place lyrical

Arabella 3rd place commercial




Olivia and Isla E 2nd place lyrical

Eleanor and Amelia 1st place lyrical

Maddie and Isla H 3rd place commercial

Demi and Lexi 2nd place commercial



Lola and Ella 1st place acro

Ruby and akira 2nd place lyrical

Angel-mai and chantell 1st place commercial

Georgia and Aliyah 1st place commercial



Scarlett and Jess W 1st place contemporary

Jess B and Baylie 1st place street

Shanade and arabella 1st place lyrical

Angel and Charlotte 2nd place commercial 


What an amazing set of results! We also had our senior comp team chosen for the wildcard competitiom which was a HUGE achievement! Well done girls, we walked away with 34 trophies/medals today, I couldnt be prouder! 


Summer Shine Big Boss Events July 2019

This was our first time attedning Summer Shine in Ely, Cambridgeshire. We had a fantastic time and received some amazing results!

Infant comp team:

A dream is a wish your heart makes 1st

Commander 1st

Splish Splash 1st


Junior Comp team:

I am a good girl 2nd

Circle of life 1st


Senior comp team:

B2d street 1st

I am a good girl 1st

Welcome to oz 1st



Lola Nevin Freesyle Boss battle junior winner

Jess Watson and Leah Gabbitas Freestyle Boss battle inter winners

Angel Haigh lyrical solo 1st

Shanade and Angel lyrical duet 2nd

Jess and Scarlett contemporary duet 2nd

Charlotte and Leah street duet 1st