Born 2 Dance Timetable

Important notice: 

Due to coronavirus our timetable will be running on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting September, with each class capacity being full at 15 students.

We are not running the following classes at the moment:

primay ballet on a Monday

magical movers on a Wednesday

 acro classes


We are accepting new students, if a class is full we can add you to our waiting list or an additional 'overflow' class.




4.00-4.30pm primary ballet age 3-5

4.30-5.30pm grade 1/2 ballet age 11+

5.30-6.30pm senior competition team invite only

6.30-7.30pm senior contemporary/lyrical  age 13+

7.30-8.30pm senior street dance/commercial  age 13+




4.30-5.30pm junior contemporary/lyrical  age 6-8

5.30-6.30pm junior street dance/commercial age 6-8

6.30-7.30pm primary/grade 1 ballet age 6-10

7.30-8.30pm junior competition team invite only



4.30-5.30pm magical movers age 3-5

5.30-6.30pm infant competition team invite only

6.30-7.30pm junior/intermediate contemporary/lyrcial age 9-12

7.30-8.30pm junior street dance/commercial age 9-12




5.30-6.30pm acrobatics/gymnastics inters group 1

6.30-7.30pm acrobatics/gymnastics inters group 2

7.30-8.30pm acrobatics/gymnastics advanced (invite only)


Please note in line with goverment guidelines our thursday acrobatics/gymnastics classes are not currently running.




Born 2 Dance Irthlingborough